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Promoting Quality Health Care

Environmental Sustainability

Working closely with the foundation’s other global programs, we seek to channel resources into scientific discovery to create more practical versions of existing solutions and develop new solutions where needed.

Globally, at least 400 million people lack access to essential health services. Every year, more than one-third of them suffer financial catastrophe due to out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure. Millions more living in marginalised and resource-poor geographies still rely on unclean, unimproved water sources.

Working with governments, private institutions, local communities, and global experts, we invest in strong healthcare systems to ensure everyone – including marginalized groups like women and girls – can reach their highest standard of health. Our programs help people make healthy choices, and get quality care when an issue arises – even in remote areas. We promote public health awareness, training for professionals of all kinds, and improvements to a range of facilities, from basic rural clinics to specialized centres for treatment and research on a global scale.

We aim to create and improve preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic interventions for infectious diseases as well as other conditions that affect mothers, infants, and children. We do this by identifying and filling gaps in scientific knowledge, creating or implementing new technology platforms that can accelerate research in support of our goals, and investing in potentially transformative ideas.

We support organizations globally who work in line with our Health initiatives as mentioned above. 

Are you a person or organization actively involved in a similar cause, you could benefit from our Health Care Funding Scheme.



> Community health and nutrition
> Vaccine Discovery
> Drug Discovery
> School health and nutrition 
> Maternal and Child Health

> Integrated healthcare services and systems 
> Water and sanitation


Our programs promote environmental sustainability, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and encourage creative solutions to the challenges facing our planet. We encourage sustainable uses of natural resources to mitigate further contribution to climate change, and we work with communities to improve their ability to adapt to existing or expected changes in their environment.

We create sanitation infrastructure and public services that work for everyone and keep human waste out of the environment .


> Climate Change.
> Waste Management.
> Cleaner water.
Public Health Enlightenment.
> Policy and Advocacy.

Are you a person or organization actively involved in a similar cause, you could benefit from our Environmental Grant and Funding Scheme.


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